The Future of SEO Tools: Ditching Ahrefs for Powerful Alternatives

Experience unparalleled growth for your marketing agency with the cutting-edge Agency Dashboard. Our advanced automated reporting platform is specifically designed to assist you in expanding your business. Discover why an increasing number of marketers and businesses are selecting us as their go-to solution for all their SEO needs.

Pricing Plans

$ 99 /mo
$ 65 /mo
$ 199 /mo
$ 165 /mo

Pricing plan options

$ 99 199
$ 65 165
Annual cost
$ 990 1,990
$ 660 1,620
Number of users
Number of projects
5 20
10 50
Free trial
Onboarding session
White label Reporting
Rank Tracker
Unlock the power of precise rank tracking across multiple search engines with the Agency Dashboard. Our tool ensures 100% accuracy, providing you with reliable insights into your keyword rankings. Effortlessly monitor both local and international rankings, and conveniently filter keywords based on campaign location and tags.
Number of keywords
750 2000
750 2000
Mobile rankings
Update frequency
On demand checks
Mobile rank tracking
Desktop rank tracking
SERP features
Keyword Research
At Agency Dashboard, we proudly stand as direct competitors to SEMRUSH by providing a free keyword research tool. With this tool, you can easily explore the search volume trends and competitive index for various keywords. Additionally, our Keyword Research feature generates suggestions for similar keywords tailored to your business.
Search by keyword
Keyword grouper
Account limit
5000 keywords/day
Search by domain
Long-tail keywords
Bulk keyword analysis
Keyword manager
Keyword suggestions
Monthly search volume trend for 12 months

Unlike AHrefs, AgencyDashboard let's you track performance from other platforms also like, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, GMB, etc. At no extra cost. Get 10x more benefits while spending 10x lower than Semrush.

Backlink Monitoring
With Agency Dashboard, you can effortlessly monitor the backlinks for your website. Our backlink monitoring feature allows you to keep track of when the backlinks were created and when they were last updated. You'll also have access to information about the source website that the link comes from.
Account limit
300,000 pages/month
Project limit
20,000 pages/month
Site performance
SEO Reporting
With SEO Reporting from Agency Dashboard, agencies and businesses can easily generate campaign reports. Our user-friendly interface allows you to add custom activities to your SEO reports. Whether you prefer manual or automatic delivery, you have the flexibility to choose. Simply select a date and automate the reporting process to save time and effort.
Account limit
300,000 pages /month
400,000 pages /month
Analyzed parameters
Manual Reporting
Schedule Reporting
Custom Activity Addition
White Labeling
With Agency Dashboard's white labeling feature, agencies can easily customize their SEO reports with their own brand logo and name. These reports can be downloaded as PDF files directly from the dashboard. Additionally, a unique view key can be generated for each campaign, giving clients access to view campaign statistics through a single link.
Blog Generator
SEO content grader
Meta tag generator
Custom requests
Website Audit
Experience the speed and accuracy of Agency Dashboard's website auditing feature, delivering comprehensive data and statistics on any website issues within minutes. Our powerful tool provides a detailed health score for your website, accompanied by a categorization of issues into low, medium, and high severity levels. Quickly identify areas of improvement and prioritize your optimization efforts for maximum impact.
Account limit
1,00,000 pages 5,00,000 pages
Unlimited Unlimited
Project limit
20,000 pages/month
Site performance
Competitor website audit
Available in standard and above packages
Free Website Audit
Free Pages per Audit


Ahref has been present in the market for over a decade and offers a wide range of features. It is an all-in-one SEO toolset that offers growing search traffic and optimizing websites. Ahref optimization helps .

Despite being a relatively new SEO tool, Agency Dashboard has experienced remarkable growth in its user base. It caters to the needs of large businesses and marketing agencies, providing them with a comprehensive suite of tools that offer highly accurate data. However, Agency Dashboard also recognizes the importance of supporting small and medium businesses, as well as individual SEO specialists. Its platform is scalable and flexible, accommodating the diverse requirements of different users. With its user-friendly interface, navigating the platform is a breeze, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all users.

The Agency Dashboard and Ahrefs offer similar features, including comprehensive keyword research and tracking functionalities. Just like Ahrefs, the Agency Dashboard is a reliable tool for tracking keyword rankings, providing timely updates on positions and a comprehensive visibility index. Additionally, it offers in-depth analysis of search intent for each keyword and customizable reporting features. However, the Agency Dashboard stands out by providing highly accurate data and offering more flexibility in settings and filtering options. Notably, the Agency Dashboard sets itself apart with its user-friendly pricing policy, establishing itself as a strong competitor in the SEO market.

Discover the game-changing capabilities of Agency Dashboard, a comprehensive platform that revolutionizes report generation. With access to data from over 20 marketing sources, Agency Dashboard empowers you to create customized reports that provide valuable insights. Say goodbye to extra fees, as most reporting features, including white-label functionality, are included in your selected subscription plan. Unlike platforms like Ahrefs, Agency Dashboard offers unlimited reports, ensuring you have the freedom to generate as many reports as you need without any restrictions. With the Agency Pack, marketers and SEO professionals gain access to a range of free and paid tools that can fuel their website's growth. Embrace the future of reporting with Agency Dashboard and elevate your marketing insights to new heights.

Agency Dashboard presents a compelling alternative to Semrush in terms of website auditing capabilities. Both tools offer comparable features, allowing users to conduct thorough assessments of websites, examining over 100 common SEO issues. These assessments encompass on-page and off-page SEO elements, technical problem identification, and more. With its user-friendly dashboard, Agency Dashboard provides users with precise data and detailed analytical reports. The dashboard offers valuable insights into the health score of your website and identifies specific issues associated with each URL.

Experience the remarkable keyword research capabilities of Agency Dashboard, featuring an extensive database of over 22 billion keywords. Elevating the keyword research process is the powerful Keyword Explorer tool, designed to provide valuable insights and data. With a substantial database of high-quality keywords that boast significant search volumes, Agency Dashboard sets itself apart in delivering exceptional keyword research results.

Ahrefs has been a trusted name in the SEO industry, catering to the needs of agencies and businesses. While Ahrefs offers comprehensive packages, their pricing can be higher compared to Agency Dashboard. This may make it more challenging for smaller clients to afford their services. On the other hand, Agency Dashboard provides a free keyword research tool and an SEO content grader tool, enabling you to refine your work. The SEO content grader analyzes your content based on keywords and provides results based on predefined guidelines to help improve your SEO score. This makes Agency Dashboard an attractive choice for those seeking cost-effective solutions to enhance their SEO efforts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Ahrefs has established itself as a prominent figure in the SEO industry for a considerable period. Presently, there are alternative platforms akin to Ahrefs that provide a similar toolset and even distinctive supplementary features. Agency Dashboard's suite of advanced tools, including Rank Tracker, Website Audit, and On-Page SEO Checker, has gained recognition as top-tier solutions among business owners, agencies, and individual marketers. Agency Dashboard's pricing policy is characterized by its user-friendly and customizable nature, enabling a diverse array of satisfied users to leverage the necessary tools without incurring exorbitant costs.

When comparing these tools, it's essential to consider factors such as the specific features you require, user interface and experience, data accuracy, pricing, customer support, and the overall fit for your specific needs. It's recommended to explore the websites of each tool to get the most up-to-date information and compare their features side by side to make an informed decision. Agency Dashboard is one of the fastest growing SEO platform offering commendable service to it’s users with a bunch of free tools and great value for money packages.

Ahrefs is a popular SEO tool that offers a range of features for keyword research, backlink analysis, content exploration, and more. While it is a powerful tool, it does have some drawbacks compared to other SEO tools. Here are a few potential drawbacks of Ahrefs:

  • Pricing: Ahrefs can be relatively expensive compared to some other SEO tools on the market. The pricing plans may not be suitable for small businesses or individuals with a limited budget.
  • Learning Curve: Ahrefs has a vast array of features and options, which can make it overwhelming for beginners or users who are new to SEO. It may take some time to fully understand and utilize all the features effectively.
  • Limited Crawling: Ahrefs has a limited crawling capacity compared to some other SEO tools. This means that it may not be able to crawl and index as many pages or websites as some competitors, potentially leading to incomplete data in certain cases.
  • User Interface: While Ahrefs provides a wealth of data, some users find its user interface to be less intuitive and visually appealing compared to other SEO tools. The layout and navigation could be improved to enhance the overall user experience.
  • Keyword Difficulty Accuracy: Ahrefs provides a keyword difficulty metric to help users gauge the competitiveness of keywords. However, the accuracy of this metric has been a point of discussion among SEO professionals, with some finding it less reliable than other tools in the market.
  • Local SEO Features: Ahrefs may not have as comprehensive local SEO features compared to some other tools. If you heavily focus on local SEO strategies, you might find other tools that offer more tailored features for local optimization.

Agency Dashboard utilizes specialized crawlers to gather comprehensive data across its platform, serving as a testament to our commitment to excellence. We take immense pride in delivering ranking data that is 100% accurate and consistently updated. By employing real-time updates, we ensure the utmost precision and timeliness of our search engine data, providing users with valuable insights. As a demonstration of the reliability of our rankings, we maintain a cached copy of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Yes, there is a discount on our annual package prices for the Agency Dashboard. We introduced Agency Dashboard with the thought to make our services accessible to everyone. From a freelancer to an enterprise, we wish to extend our services to everyone to ensure their campaigns are doing well. With our detailed reporting and one dashboard for all tracking makes it easier for the users to track their website performance.

We’ve ensured that our pricing is easy on everyones pocket so that they can grow while offering high-quality services using our tool. Our annual plans for the service are already low when compared with our competitors. To make things interesting, we offer free migration from different platform along with a 20% discount to people who buy our annual subscription.

Ahref has been operational as a SEO toolset that helps in growing search traffic on your website and optimizing websites. Ahref stores tons of data for your campaigns and provides accurate data tracking for all the metrics. However, there are certain places where it’s competitors overpower the market.

Agency Dashboard is a new tool in the SEO market that offers the services where Ahref lacks. These services are:

  • Agency Dashboard offers social media platform integration to track the statistics of the impressions, clicks, and visitors. Ahref on the other hand does not offer any such facility.
  • Agency Dashboard offers weekly and monthly report sharing depending on how you automate the process. Ahref’s report sharing tool is still in process. Our dashboard helps you to download the reports as PDF and excel files for future reference.
  • Ahref helps to crawl 5000 pages per month per site. However, Agency Dashboard has outdone itself by offering 10,000 crawls limit per month per site.
  • There are no free tools offered by Ahref whereas Agency Dashboard offers keyword explorer and SEO grader tool.
  • Agency Dashboard offers a wide range of features in their basic package whereas Ahref does not even offer rank tracking in the basic package.
  • Ahref offers vast data available across the globe. They offer the feature of content exploration that helps them gives information about the top ranking content of websites in your niche. This helps you to make edits to your content accordingly. However, Agency Dashboard offers you the feature of content generation with the help of content rewriter and content generator.
  • Agency Dashboard offers white labeling allowing agencies to share the monthly reports with their customers easily. Ahref does not offer white labeling since they do not allow report sharing facility on their platform.

Ahrefs does not offer direct integration and tracking specifically for Google My Business (GMB). Ahrefs is primarily known as a comprehensive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tool that provides keyword research, backlink analysis, and competitive analysis features.

However, Agency Dashoard offers direct integration of GMB dashboard for your business. With direct integration, you get access to track the number of searches made across different devices and platforms. You get statistics about the number of phone calls made regarding your business, direction clicks for your business, reviews about your business, and more. We also offer GMB optimization allowing your business page to rank for the high ranking keywords on search engines.

The tracked keywords and links within our system are updated on a daily basis, ensuring that you have access to the most up-to-date and relevant information. Additionally, the health tool, which evaluates the overall health and performance of your website, can be updated on demand whenever you initiate the process. This flexibility allows you to obtain real-time insights into the status of your website's health whenever you deem it necessary.

Regrettably, our tool does not serve as a free alternative to Ahrefs or other premium SEO tools. This is primarily due to the significant costs associated with providing accurate and reliable data. However, we do offer a generous free trial period of 14 days, which does not require the provision of credit card details. It's worth noting that our pricing structure is notably more affordable than many other comparable tools, while maintaining a high standard of data quality. Even our smallest plan provides access to a wide range of powerful features, ensuring that users can leverage our tool effectively at an accessible price point.

Certainly! With the utilization of our esteemed Agency Dashboard, conducting comprehensive competitive analysis becomes effortlessly feasible. This powerful tool empowers users to compare domains effectively by leveraging key functionalities such as domain overview and competitor keyword ranking. Furthermore, our robust suite of keyword tools enables you to gain valuable insights into search results pertaining to specific keywords, allowing you to assess the positioning of both yourself and your competitors. This comprehensive approach equips you with the necessary information to make informed strategic decisions and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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