SE Ranking Alternative: Finding An SEO Tool Replacement

Agency Dashboard is an automated platform that works as an excellent SE Ranking alternative. Let's take a look at how we're offering deadlocked competition to the SEO tools industry.

Pricing Plans

$ 55 /mo
$ 35 /mo
$ 239 /mo
Agency Plus
$ 195 /mo

Pricing plan options

$ 55 239 /month
$ 35 195 /month
Annual cost
$ 528 2,294.40
$ 360 1,920
Number of users
1 5
Number of projects
10 Unlimited
10 Unlimited
Free trial
7 days
14 days
Onboarding session
White label Reporting
Rank Tracker
The Agency Dashboard offers a robust rank-tracking solution with unparalleled accuracy across multiple search engines. With this tool, you can easily monitor the rankings of your keywords in local and international contexts. You can choose specific keywords and locations to track for your campaigns using filters.
Number of keywords
750 5000
250 3000
Mobile rankings
On demand checks
Mobile rank tracking
Desktop rank tracking
SERP features
Local rank tracking
Grouping and tagging
Keyword Research
At Agency Dashboard, we pride ourselves as direct competitors to SE Ranking keyword research, providing free keyword research tools. Our user-friendly tool offers valuable insights into keyword search volume trends and competitive indexes. Additionally, it generates suggestions for similar keywords tailored to your specific business needs.
Search by keyword
Keyword grouper
Account limit
100 10,000
Search by domain
Long-tail keywords
Bulk keyword analysis
Keyword manager
Keyword suggestions
Monthly search volume trend for 12 months

Unlike SE Ranking, AgencyDashboard let's you track performance from other platforms also like, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, GMB, etc. At no extra cost. Get 10x more benefits while spending 10x lower than Semrush.

Website Audit
With Agency Dashboard's website auditing accuracy, you can quickly obtain data and statistics about any issues with a website. Our tool provides a health issue report and score for the website, as well as the severity of any problems present. This also gives an insight into any technical problems like loading speed issues.
Account limit
100,000 700,00
Project limit
15,000 80,000
Site performance
Competitor website audit
Pages per month for auditing
Agency Features
Agency Dashboard offers backlink monitoring that helps in keeping track of all the creation of the backlinks for a website. You can check the creation date of the backlink and when it was last updated. The site from where the link comes is also accessible to you.
White label
White label Reporting
SEO Reporting
The SEO Reporting feature offered by Agency Dashboard simplifies the process of sending campaign reports for agencies and businesses. You have the flexibility to include custom activities in your SEO reports, and then send them either manually or automatically. Simply select a date and automate the reporting procedure, making it more efficient and convenient for you.
Account limit
300,000 pages /month
400,000 pages /month
Analyzed parameters
Manual Reporting
Schedule Reporting
Custom Activity Addition
Content Tools
The integration of AI into the field of marketing has opened doors for tool enhancement. Leveraging the power of AI, we have developed three content tools: the Blog Post Writer, Content Rewriter, and Meta Tag Generator. These tools harness AI technology to assist you in generating high-quality content effortlessly. AI helps in avoiding duplicate content on your website pages and improves your credibility.
Blog Generator
100 requests(Unlimited words) 150 requests(Unlimited words)
100 requests(Unlimited words) 150 requests(Unlimited words)
SEO content grader
100 requests(Unlimited words) 150 requests(Unlimited words)
Meta tag generator
100 requests(Unlimited words) 150 requests(Unlimited words)
Custom requests
100 requests(Unlimited words) 150 requests(Unlimited words)
Dashboards Available
Agency Dashboard provides a comprehensive dashboard operating as a great SERanking alternative. It enables users to monitor essential data for SEO, Google ads, social media, and GMB accounts with ease. You can see important information like keyword rankings, clicks, and social media performance in one place.
SEO Dashboard
Ads Dashboard
Social Dashboard
GMB Dashboard
Free Tools
Keyword Research
SEO Content Grader
Site Audit
Google My Business Profile
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Ads
FB & Instagram Accounts
FB & Instragram Ads


SE Ranking is a remarkable tool for SEO operations that has been present in the market for a very long time. It's detailed analysis and extensive database make it a hit among marketers. It offers SEO Monitoring, Rank Tracker, Website Auditing, Backlink Monitoring, Content Marketing, Local Marketing, and other services. However, SE Ranking does not offer the facility of integrations of other tools on their platform. They depend on third-party softwares to integrate platforms like GMB, YouTube, Facebook, and more at a single dashboard. Its packages are slightly costlier than other SE Ranking alternatives available in the market like Agency Dashboard.

Agency Dashboard has rapidly emerged as a formidable SE Ranking competitor SEO tool, challenging the established presence of SE Ranking. Despite its relative novelty, the platform has experienced a remarkable expansion in its user base. Agency Dashboard helps big businesses and marketing agencies as a reliable white-label SEO tool to get accurate data.

The Agency Dashboard caters to the needs of agencies and individual SEO specialists. It presents a scalable and adaptable platform that can easily accommodate varying requirements. The user interface has an instinctive design, ensuring a seamless and user-friendly experience for all. Furthermore, the pricing structure is highly competitive, rendering it an appealing choice for those seeking cost-effective solutions.

The Agency Dashboard and SE Ranking SEO software present a similar range of features, encompassing comprehensive keyword research and tracking capabilities. Agency Dashboard is a reliable tool like SE Ranking. It gives quick updates on position and visibility, making it great for tracking rank. Additionally, it provides a thorough analysis of search intent for each keyword and enables custom reporting.

Agency Dashboard gains an edge over the SE Ranking tool by offering more filters to refine the data. Agency Dashboard has a good pricing policy and offers strong competition in the SEO market as compared to SE Ranking pricing.

Unleash the potential of Agency Dashboard, an all-encompassing platform that changes your report generation process. Our subscription plans encompass the majority of our reporting features, while also offering white-label functionality at no additional cost. SERanking pricing plans are slightly more expensive than ours and offer lesser features.

Unlike SE Ranking, Agency Dashboard provides unlimited reports, ensuring an unrestricted and unparalleled user experience. The Agency Pack in Agency Dashboard provides marketers and SEO service professionals with helpful tools. These tools are both free and paid and can help websites to grow. Embrace the future of reporting with the Agency Dashboard and elevate your marketing insights to unprecedented heights.

When it comes to site auditing capabilities, Agency Dashboard emerges as a noteworthy substitute for SE Ranking website audit. These two tools offer similar features, allowing users to conduct thorough examinations of websites, and detecting over 100 common SEO issues. These assessments encompass on-page and off-page SEO elements, as well as identification of technical problems and more.

What sets the Agency Dashboard apart is its user-friendly interface, providing users with accurate data and comprehensive reports. The dashboard offers valuable insights such as the website's health score and a breakdown of issues for each URL.

Agency Dashboard is a competitive research tool having a database of over 2 billion keywords to choose from. Going beyond mere quantity, the Agency Dashboard takes the keyword research experience to new heights with its robust Keyword Explorer. This great platform has many good keywords that people search for a lot. SE Ranking keyword rank checker tool also offers vast data of keywords.

Our Agency Dashboard takes pride in its integration of AI technology, making it an outstanding alternative to SE Ranking's free version. With the assistance of AI, our platform excels at producing high-quality, SEO-friendly content. Our Blog Post Writer feature makes it easy to generate ten blogs at once based on the keywords.

Additionally, our refined Content Rewriter tool helps you rewrite blogs and other content, allowing you to generate unique and original articles. Our Meta Tag Generator helps improve your SEO by creating optimized meta titles and descriptions for keywords and URLs. SE Ranking's feature of content rewriter has a character limit, depending on the plan. You can increase the word limit by paying more.

SE Ranking and Agency Dashboard offer a detailed dashboard for SEO and keyword tracking. However, Agency Dashboard offers additional dashboards for ads, GMB, and social media. Users can learn about their website's performance and growth. Hence, Agency Dashboard offers a better utility as compared to SE Ranking review because it lets you download reports.

This feature enables users to conveniently access and save reports for future reference or sharing with clients or team members. Agency Dashboard gives you strong analysis tools and easy-to-download reports for convenience.

SE Ranking software has been a top choice for agencies and businesses seeking SEO strategies for quite some time. However, it's important to note that SE Ranking lifetime deals can be expensive compared to the offerings of Agency Dashboard. Big companies may choose SE Ranking's keyword suggestion tool, but it can be expensive for smaller clients.

On the other hand, Agency Dashboard provides a free keyword research tool, which is a valuable resource. Additionally, it offers an SEO content grader tool that helps you refine your work. With the SEO content grader, you can analyze your content using relevant keywords and receive results based on predefined guidelines. This enables you to enhance your SEO score and improve the overall quality of your content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

SE Ranking is good for SEO, but there may be other tools that offer better features and value for money. Tools like Moz, Semrush, and Agency Dashboard do many SEO tasks in one. They can analyze backlinks, research keywords, audit websites, and track rankings.

The Agency Dashboard offers budget-friendly packages with generous data limits and multiple user seats. Check out this comparison of popular SEO tools to find the platform that best fits your needs.

SE Ranking is an efficient and great analytics tool for national and local SEO professionals. It comes with lots of tools for checking backlinks and researching keywords. However, if you're looking for an even better alternative, consider exploring Agency Dashboard.

Agency Dashboard offers many useful tools like keyword research, website auditing, content marketing, and reporting. It helps optimize your website for better results. Moreover, Agency Dashboard's pricing plans are highly flexible, allowing you to tailor them to your specific needs.

Several factors to be considered while selecting a content marketing tool are:

  • Purpose: Determine your specific goals and objectives for content marketing. Are you focused on social media management, SEO optimization, or analytics? Different tools excel in different areas, so choose based on your priorities.
  • Features and functionality: Assess the features offered by each tool. Look for content creation, scheduling, distribution, automation, collaboration, and analytics capabilities that align with your requirements.
  • Ease of use: Consider the tool's user interface and learning curve. Opt for tools that are user-friendly and require minimal training to maximize efficiency.
  • Integration: Check if the tool integrates smoothly with your existing marketing stack, such as your website CMS, CRM, or email marketing platform. Seamless integration can streamline workflows and data sharing.
  • Adaptable: Ensure the tool can grow with your needs. Think about being able to handle more content, multiple users, and supporting more platforms as you grow your marketing.
  • Cost: Evaluate the pricing structure of each tool, including any additional charges for extra features or users. Consider your budget and weigh the value provided by the tool against its cost.
  • Customer support: Research the tool's reputation for customer service and support. Look for resources like documentation, tutorials, and responsive support channels to address any issues that may arise.

Think about these things to choose content marketing tools that suit your needs and boost your marketing strategy.

The Agency Dashboard provides seamless integration with Google Analytics 4, ensuring full similarity with our client's businesses. You can easily connect your Google Analytics account to our platform to get detailed info and analysis about your websites. To initiate this integration, users can navigate to the Analytics and Traffic section within the Dashboard.

The Agency Dashboard now provides comprehensive social media platform support for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. As we continue to grow our operations, we are committed to expanding our offerings in the upcoming months. We encourage you to stay connected with us to receive timely updates and stay informed about our latest developments.

Our Agency Dashboard offers discounted annual package prices so that everyone uses our services, from freelancers to enterprises. We help everyone succeed in their campaigns by giving them detailed reports and a dashboard to track website performance.

Our prices are affordable for users to expand their businesses and provide excellent services using our tool. When compared with our competitors, our annual plans offer better value for money. We give free platform migration and 20% off yearly subscriptions to make our deal better for customers.

Our extension for Google Chrome is now available