Looking for a Revolutionary Alternative to SEMRUSH?

Agency Dashboard is an advanced automated reporting platform that helps you in expanding your marketing agency. Find out why marketers and businesses are choosing us for their SEO needs over Semrush.

Pricing Plans

$ 249.95 /mo
$ 125 /mo
$ 499.95 /mo
Agency Plus
$ 345 /mo

Pricing plan options

$ 249.95 499.95 /month
$ 125 345 /month
Annual cost
$ 2,499.96 4,999.92
$ 1,200 3,420
Number of users
Number of projects
15 40
Free trial
7 days
14 days
Onboarding session
White label Reporting
Rank Tracker
Agency Dashboard provides rank tracking with 100% accuracy for several search engines. The tool allows you to track local and international rankings for your keywords. You can also filter the keywords depending on the location and tags of the campaign..
Number of keywords
1500 5000
2000 5000
Mobile rankings
On demand checks
Mobile rank tracking
Desktop rank tracking
SERP features
Local rank tracking
Grouping and tagging
Keyword Research
At Agency Dashboard, we are operating as direct SEMRUSH competitors by offering free keyword research tool. The tool gives you insight on keywords search volume trends and competitive index. Keyword Research also gives you ideas for similar keywords depending on your business.
Search by keyword
Keyword grouper
Account limit
5000 keywords/day
Search by domain
Long-tail keywords
Bulk keyword analysis
Keyword manager
Keyword suggestions
Monthly search volume trend for 12 months

Unlike Semrush, AgencyDashboard let's you track performance from other platforms also like, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, GMB, etc. At no extra cost. Get 10x more benefits while spending 10x lower than Semrush.

Website audit
With the accuracy of Agency Dashboard’s website auditing, you get the data and statistics regarding any website issues within minutes. Our tool gives you health score of the website, along with the level of issues on the website. These are categorized as low, medium and high issues.
Account limit
300,000 pages/month
Project limit
20,000 pages/month
Site performance
Competitor website audit
Pages per month for auditing/h5>
Agency Features
Agency Dashboard offers backlink monitoring that helps in keeping track of all the creation of the backlinks for a website. You can check the creation date of the backlink and when it was last updated. The site from where the link comes is also accessible to you.
White label
White label Reporting
SEO Reporting
SEO Reporting by Agency Dashboard helps the agencies and businesses to send out campaign reports. You can also add custom activities to your SEO reports and send them either manually or automatically. Choose a date and automate the reporting procedure.
Account limit
300,000 pages /month
400,000 pages /month
Analyzed parameters
Manual Reporting
Schedule Reporting
Custom Activity Addition
Content Tools
Introduction of AI in the world of marketing gave us the opportunity to enhance our tool. With the help of AI, we have introduced three content tools - Blog Post Writer, Content Rewriter, and Meta Tag Generator. These helps you to generate quality content using AI.
Blog Generator
100 requests(Unlimited words)
upto 2000 words
150 requests(Unlimited words)
SEO content grader
upto 2000 words
Meta tag generator
upto 300 URLs
Custom requests
Dashboards Available
Agency Dashboard offers a one-stop-shop dashboard to help you keep track of your data for SEO, ads, social media accounts and GMB account. It gives you information about the crucial metrics like organic keywords ranking, number of clicks and impressions, conversion data, social media posts and so on.
SEO Dashboard
Ads Dashboard
Social Dashboard
GMB Dashboard
Free Tools
Keyword Research
SEO Content Grader
Site Audit
Google My Business Profile
Google Analytics
Google Search Console
Google Ads
FB & Instagram Accounts
FB & Instragram Ads


Semrush is a highly regarded and widely used tool that provides a comprehensive range of valuable resources for various SEO activities. It boasts impressive functionality, precise data, and a commendable user interface. However, it is worth noting that Semrush's pricing structure and account limitations may be less accommodating for some users. While some businesses might opt for SEMRUSH, there is another tool in the market offering better services at even better prices.

Agency Dashboard is a fairly new SEO tool, however, the platform has seen a significant growth in the user base. With Agency Dashboard, large business and marketing agencies can access a robust suite of tools giving access to highly accurate data. Agency Dashboard caters to the needs of small and medium businesses, as well as individual SEO specialists, offering a scalable and flexible platform. The user-friendly interface ensures a hassle-free experience, while the pricing remains highly reasonable, making it an attractive choice for those seeking cost-effective solutions.

Both the Agency Dashboard and Semrush offer comparable features, encompassing extensive keyword research and tracking functionalities. The Agency Dashboard, like Semrush, serves as a reliable tool for rank tracking,

providing near real-time position updates and an efficient visibility index. Furthermore, it offers in-depth analysis of search intent for each keyword and customizable reporting capabilities. In contrast, the Agency Dashboard, unlike Semrush, provides highly precise data and offers more adaptable settings and filtering options. Notably, the Agency Dashboard distinguishes itself with a user-friendly pricing policy establishing its position as a great contender within the SEO market.

Experience the power of Agency Dashboard, an all-in-one platform that revolutionizes the way you generate automated and customizable reports. Harnessing data from over 20 marketing sources, Agency Dashboard empowers you to create insightful reports tailored to your needs. Say goodbye to extra fees, as most reporting features, including the coveted white-label functionality, come included in the selected subscription plan.

Unlike other platforms like Semrush, Agency Dashboard goes the extra mile by offering unlimited reports, ensuring you never feel restricted by arbitrary limitations. With Agency Dashboard's Agency Pack, marketers and SEO professionals gain access to a series of free and paid tools that can help in your website’s growth. Embrace the future of reporting with Agency Dashboard and elevate your marketing insights to new heights.

Agency Dashboard serves as a notable alternative to Semrush when it comes to website auditing capabilities. Both tools provide comparable features, enabling users to perform comprehensive checks on websites for over 100 prevalent SEO issues.

These include assessments of on-page and off-page SEO elements, technical problem identification and more. The Agency Dashboard offers a user-friendly dashboard, delivering precise data and detailed analytical reports to users. The dashboard gives you information regarding the health score of your website and the issues in the website based upon each URLs.

Agency Dashboard stands out in the market with its expansive keyword research database, encompassing over 22 billion keywords. Additionally, the Agency Dashboard enhances the keyword research experience through its powerful Keyword Explorer.

Notably, the Agency Dashboard boasts a substantial data base featuring high-quality keywords with significant search volumes.

With introduction of AI, we’ve equipped Agency Dashboard with AI tools that help in the generation of high quality and SEO friendly content. We’ve introduced Blog Post Writer that allows you to create 10 blogs in a single content generation process. Another refined tool Content Rewriter that helps in rewriting blogs and other content to create unique new content.

Meta Tag Generator helps in producing high-ranking meta titles and descriptions for ? keywords and URLs. SEMRUSH on the other hand offers content rewriter service with a character limit depending on the plan. You can upgrade the word limit by paying an extra cost for the same.

SEMRUSH and Agency Dashboard both offer analytical dashboards for SEO, Ads, GMB, and Social Media. The dashboard provides quick insights about the performance and growth of your website.

However, Agency Dashboard has an edge over SEMRUSH as it offers reports allowing you to download those reports.

SEMRUSH has been a leading provider of SEO needs for agencies and businesses for years. The packages offered by SEMRUSH are costly as compared to Agency Dashboard. Some agencies and businesses will opt for these services but some small scale clients may struggle due to its pricing. Agency Dashboard on the other hand offers free keyword research tool and SEO content grader tool allowing you to refine your work.

SEO content grader will analyse your content based on keywords and gives results based on predefined guidelines to correct the SEO score.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Semrush has established itself as a prominent figure in the field of SEO for a considerable period. Presently, several other platforms have emerged, offering comparable tool sets along with unique additional features akin to Semrush. Among these alternatives, Agency Dashboard has emerged as a new tool for marketing agencies and it has gained a reputation as exceptional tools in the industry, making them the preferred choice for business owners, agencies, and individual marketers. Notably, Agency Dashboard distinguishes itself through an exceptionally user-friendly and customizable pricing policy, allowing a diverse range of users to access the necessary tools without incurring exorbitant costs. As a result, SE Ranking enjoys a multitude of satisfied users who leverage its comprehensive toolset while maintaining budgetary constraints.

Semrush is just one of the many options available in the market. Numerous alternatives, such as comprehensive SEO platforms like Agency Dashboard, exist to enhance your website's search performance. It is advisable to read reviews and compare various tools in order to identify the most suitable solution for your specific needs.

While Agency Dashboard and Semrush share similarities in terms of features and capabilities, they do possess certain distinctions. Semrush boasts a larger keyword database and employs more advanced backlink analysis tools as its strengths. On the other hand, Agency Dashboard excels in providing more precise data through its rank tracker, supporting a wider range of search engines, and enabling the tracking of both desktop and mobile rankings. Moreover, Agency Dashboard offers more favorable account limits, unlimited reports, and includes its white label feature at no additional cost.

Agency Dashboard employs specialized crawlers to gather data throughout its platform, a feature we take great pride in. Our commitment to providing users with 100% accurate and up-to-date ranking data is a cornerstone of our service. We ensure the timeliness and precision of our search engine data by updating it in real-time, thereby delivering valuable insights to our users. As a testament to the accuracy of our rankings, we maintain a cached copy of the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Agency Dashboard seamlessly integrates with Google Analytics 4, ensuring full compatibility. By navigating to the Analytics and Traffic section, users can effortlessly establish a connection between their Google Analytics account and our platform, thereby gaining access to comprehensive insights about their website. For detailed instructions on how to connect Google Analytics 4 to your Agency Dashboard project, please refer to our documentation.

Our extension for Google Chrome is now available